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Lift Event Management (Lift) is a leading architect of world-class platforms for commerce, financia­l services, education, and entertainment. The Lift team builds events that creatively spotlight corporate sponsor brands and bring exhibitors face-to-face with qualified buyers. Lift delivers compelling speakers and educators from an extensive network of industry professionals to attract enthusiastic, engaged attendees. The Lift team actively develops and integrates innovative event features that create and engage new markets and stimulate economic activity.

The Lift team understands the symbiotic relationship between sponsors, exhibitors and attendees.

We expertly meld three fundamental ingredients to create successful events:

  • A great location with seamless logistics.
  • World-class exhibitors and speakers.
  • A critical mass of qualified, purchase-ready attendees.

Aviation Summit

The Lift team will host the Aviation Summit, an aviation-focused trade show, on October 31st - November 2nd at the Palm Springs Convention Center. Aviation Summit will include hundreds of exhibitors from the corporate and general aviation, aircraft and helicopter industry along with a wide variety of related vendors. The Aviation Summit will include a diverse aircraft and helicopter exhibit at the convention center and the Palm Springs International Airport. The event will launch with a parade of arriving aircraft through the streets of Palm Springs.

Our Founder

Marco Parrotto

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